Simply, Me

My journey through life after 21

My Name Is Zach Mueller

Do you enjoy programming? Video games? DIY Projects? You just might be in the right place.

My name is Zach Mueller. There is nothing that makes me as an individual any more special than anyone else. Despite that, poke around, and you still might find something useful or interesting.

This blog is where I'm going to store all of my knowledge. Through programming projects, DIY experiments, and life in general, I will be keeping track of it all here. Probably the most important out of the options are my programming projects. I want to document everything I do and how it all comes together.

Video Games!

If you want to find me on video games, my go-to tag is Zaedonn. If you have a question or want to find me on a specific game, strike up a chat on Discord! My username is Zaedonn#5031. I'd love to chat, and hopefully we can play some games together!

DIY Projects

If you have questions about DIY projects, it would be best to post publicly where ever possible. If it's on Github or the likes, post there so that everyone can help out, and hopefully your question helps someone else down the road! If there is a particular project you think I would like, reach out to me! My Discord is above, but if you'd like to email me, you can get me at